Recommended Dog Food Brands
Here are our top selling and top recommended dog food brands. If you wish to view a brand that is not our top list then please select it from the left hand menu.
Affordable 80:20 working dog food. WholePrey concept, Vet-approved & Made in Britain
Natural, Hypoallergenic and great value, this food comes in naturals and grain-free varieties
Our second best selling UK made 80:20 diet in various bag and kibble sizes
British made and loved, this brand is a close as you will get to home-made goodness
Specialist Foods
There a few specific ranges of foods which are becoming more and more popular amongst british dog owners. Rather than searching each brand we have grouped them together for you so you can check out all the options for your pet.
80% Meat/Animal, 20% Fruit/Veg/Botanicals, 0% Grains - ancestral dog nutrition
Free from the grains that give little nutritional value and can cause allergies
This range of food cares for the environment and provides a choice for owners
Good enough for workers and without the VAT, a great choice for best value
Has the vet put your dog on a special diet? Buy it cheaper here!
Forget added sugars and nasties, these tinned dog foods and pouches are the best
A choice of foods without meat. Vegetarian or allergies, we understand your needs
Lifestage / Size Specific Dog Foods
Many manufacturers offer special formulations to suit special ages, sizes or weights of dog. We have grouped these together for you to help you see the options available to you and your dog. Did you know that as our understanding of dog nutrition improves many manufacturers are moving away from these groupings? Because of this we recommend you take a look at our other dog food categories too.
Sensitive foods full of good stuff for growing puppies from weaning to adult
For smaller breeds this puppy food usually has smaller kibble to make feeding easier
For larger breeds this helps support growing bones and joints to meet larger needs
Extra small kibble designed for our extra small best friends
Small kibble and ingredients to suit our smaller breed best friends
Large kibble and added joint care are found in most large breed foods
Usually with added joint aids and less protein for the senior years
With joint support for stressed bodies and less protien and fat for weight loss help
Why is dog food choice important?
Prevent itchy skin & coat
Reduce hyperactivity
Improve coat shine & health
Reduce the need for supplements
Reduce stool size & odour
Improve learning & attention
Reduce bad breath
Reduce obesity risk
Reduce allergic reactions
Different manufacturers, research groups and owners make these claims about different foods. If you are trying to solve a particular complaint suffered by your dog which has no other non-food reason then changing or improving your dogs diet could help with these.
Our Favorite Dog Food Brands
Barking Dog
Country Kibble
Lily's Kitchen
Natures Menu
Workers Complete