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Back-order status means that you can place an order for a product and we will dispatch it immediately upon arrival to us from our supplier.  We do not currently have stock of these products in our warehouse. Most of these products will either already be on their way to us or can be ordered from our extensive network of suppliers to be with us the next day but some may have an extended waiting time.  Please contact us for further details on specific products.

Please note that any estimated dispatch times displayed on our site apply to in-stock items and do not represent the backorder timeframe, if you need an estimate for a back order item please contact us. 

Here are a few back-order frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t covered below please ask us.

Why place a back-order?

Our back-order service means you do not have to keep checking back to see if an item is back in stock to order it. You can simply place your order and rest assured that it will be sent out to you as soon as possible. Back-orders are processed on a first-come first-served basis, so they can be the best way of making sure you reserve your goods from our next delivery.

Can I have an estimated delivery time?

Each backorder product will have a different lead time which can be up to two or three weeks (but is usually a lot less). If you wish to be told an estimated delivery time before you place your back-order please contact us by emailing and we will reply as quickly as possible.

What happens while my order is in back-order status?

You can email us at any time for an update, but rest assured as soon as the item is in stock it will be sent out. If on the rare occasion there are unexpected delays due to supplier issues we will contact you with an update and offer you an alternative where possible and the opportunity to cancel, change or continue waiting for your order.

The item I want has been out of stock with a lot of suppliers, should I back-order it with you?

When suppliers run out of stock of items they quickly become out of stock with most retailers.  Back-ordering with us will mean that as soon as we can get hold of it we will and it will be sent to you.  We have an extensive supply-chain network so if anyone can get hold the product you need, it will likely be us.

Can I cancel my back-order?

Yes, back-orders do not affect your statutory rights and you can cancel a back-order at any time like any regular order and you are still entitled to your cooling-off period.  We would, however, like to assist you in the receiving the products you need ASAP so please feel free to contact us and we can see if we can offer you an alternative that we can source faster.  If you wish to cancel because another supplier has the item back in stock, then it’s likely it will be arriving in our warehouse imminently and you will be the top of the list for dispatch so it will likely be worth keeping your order with us to avoid yourself from unnecessary hassle.

What is the difference between a back-order and a pre-order?

A back-order is an order for an item that is currently out of stock.  A pre-order is an order for an item that has not yet been launched.

Will a back-order item delay other items in my basket?

Yes, to avoid other items in your shopping basket from being delayed by back-order items you should place a seperate order for them.

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